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Ive decided that the grandchildren are old enough for book challenges. With my children we did numerous Library Challenges and had heaps of fun with them, and when I was at the library in November I picked up a leaflet about summer holiday reading for 5-13 year-olds. It seems it might be a little beyond James though - he only had 9 weeks of school before the holidays began. So Ive made up my own challenge for them. I bought a little exercise book each for James and Zenobia (shes 3 and a half), covered them with old wallpaper, and labelled them - James Books Book and Zenobias Books Book. Yesterday they wrote their names on the title page, and drew pictures of the library. Then, on the first page I pasted a copy I printed of the book cover, and highlighted the letters J and Z. Then James drew a wonderful picture about the story on the facing page (and drew one for Zenobia on her facing page - Zoo Feeding).Joeys mother is anxious that Joey might get lost and doesnt want him playing outside of her pouch. So he asks if he can invite his friends to play. Joeys mothers pouch, luckily, is extendable, as Joey and his friends find different ways to entertain themselves. This book is one that was given to my son when he was small, and is one of those lovely childrens books that make the adults laugh. A wonderful way to develop a childs sense of humour beyond the slapstick.

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